Inz Residence EC – Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 EC by Qingjian Realty

Inz Residence EC – Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5 EC by Qingjian Realty. Near Brickland Road and Choa Chu Kang MRT Station

Various Shopping Centres near to Inz Residence EC Choa Chu Kang

Inz Residence is the latest development that is situated near Brickland Road District 23 that was awarded to Qingjian Reality to develop for those who will need a place where they can call home. It will have some of the excellent social amenities thus making it easy for the people who want to enjoy living. Situated at Choa Chu Kang makes it an excellent place where you can live with your family whenever you need a good place to live together with your kids. By the mid- 2019, over 400 units will be available for sale for the homeowners who will buy them from the market.

Various Shopping Centres available at Inz Residence EC

This project will be at Choa Chu Kang that makes it have a close proximity for those who will be looking for a new home. You will definitely get an excellent home whenever you are visiting for the first time. For those who will need a luxurious lifetime, Inz Residence should be a project that they must look for during their purchase. There are many and various shopping centres available at the development. The Inz Residence will be located near some of the shopping malls including Sunshine place, Lot one shopper’s Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza and Junction 10. The common schools includes South View and Concord Primary, Pioneer College, and Choa Chu Kang Schools. This would offer parents with an opportunity to take their kids to school.

Shopping Centres near to Qingjian Realty Inz Residence

Inz Residence will be an excellent condo for the middle class who need something that they can call home. The luxurious condos will have several amenities such as swimming pool and gym for the residents. With the location at Brickland Road District 23 and a 99-year lease near to various shopping centres, this should be an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy living in a cool place especially when you need to enjoy yourself. The close proximity to MRT station makes your proximity and accessibility to important parts of the city very easy.

Inz Residence EC Choa Chu Kang Ave 5

Inz Residence will have two types of housing units located at Brickland Road District 23 for buyers. The 490 housing unit apartments will have different designs for those who will be looking for something that they can buy for their families. Upon their completion, they will bring a new level of luxury for those who would love to spend time with their families in the new place. It will have BBQ places, gym and a full area for entertainment for those who will possess units. This Inz Residence should be another new place where those who need modern homes should consider upon its completion.